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FINALLY ! The bees are back in the apiary. After the work of the railway site, and after our own renovation work, the apiary is all beautiful and clean to welcome the colonies and roar again...

The season was conducive to a nice harvest of honey, mainly mountain flowers and some tree species... with a beautiful amber color and those complex and delicate flavors specific to the Avants and its unique and preserved nature. Yehaaa...

Jars of 500 gr. (Fr 15.-) and 250 gr. (Fr 8.-) are available now. Send us a little message if you want to place an order. We will organize deliveries according to orders.

Time has passed quickly this season, we have spent a lot of time at the apiary, with immense pleasure of being close to the bees. We still have plenty of photos, videos and stories to share. Now that the season is coming to an end, we will take some time to update the site. Come back and visit us soon!

To find out more about our journey with bees, you can visit the page on the history of the apiary...

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